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01 Jan. '07 | report 2006

Chaos Constructions was in august 26-27 at Saint-Petersburg / Russia, the biggest demoparty in Russia!!! Set of competitions, various seminars, excellent prizes, sponsors such as Microsoft, nVIDEA, Western Digital and more others most famous brand names!!! All platforms were submitted!!! More sceners at party place!!! party was realy amazing!!!!!! (fotoZzz)

<--------:::::On scales this demoparty is comparable with Breakpoint!!!:::::------->

.....................I made two works for "Music - 32k exe" compo (executable music).................. "Motion in Weightlessnesse" size 12kb - second place (made in buzz with AND softsynt) "Times" size 20kb - third place (made in Cubase with V2 Synthesizer System by farbrausch)


........We remember you -VLAD!!.......Vega/style.group R.I.P. ........

VLAD SOTNIKOV aka Vega/ex-Style Group was found dead near his house, the circumstances of his death being murder. Vega was mainly know as as the ZX Spectrum organizer of the Russian demoparty Chaos Constructions, and also for his Spectrum works as coder and musican in the 1990s. He will be missed by sceners and ZX enthusiasts in Russia and worldwide. Some info about Vlad - here and here

21 Jun. '06 | 64k demo

I made sound track for 64 k demo called "Another Watch" by f0x & unc& demarche. Our result - 1st at DiHALT 06 combined 64k.! if you like this - try add a comment at POUET.NET.

9 Jan. '06 !!! :-) | After year of silence! - report 2005

............ The life makes much changes. And now I have a lot of job and of very poorly free time... But I'll continue all the same to write music and to participate on parties............

CC'05 held in 20-21.08.2005 at Saint-Petersburg/Russia, so i visited this realy best Russian party!) I took part in wild compo with exe music in 32Kb.

............. 3 AMAZING TRACKS in 32Kb! first in Russia ) Slash_AtD_VeCTRONiX_EXE_music _in_32kb (done in BUZZ and Cubase with V2 Synthesizer System by farbrausch) - so, if you like this - try add a comment at POUET.NET.

............. I became the member of VeCTRONiX team. Ours main forum here. our first 64k intro POST - 1st at Stream 2005! realy nice demo! with amazing effects!

............. Also I have taken part at DiHALT2005 (13-14.08.2005 at Dzerzhinsk/Russia )with two tracks!!! Amazing future and September.

........P.S. if you like to play online games - visit CARNAGE! - the best game!

24 Nov. '04 | Chaos Constructions and last work in FT2!

CC'04 held in 21-22.08.2004 at Saint-Petersburg/Russia, so more two works from me:-)))

..first work - for My Nataly! (done in FT2) - dedicated to my real love.. - Nataly! i think, this track - the best my work in FT2!!! and the last... in FastTracker.

..second work - Slashmania (done in BUZZ) - 1st variant was created in 1994-1995 years at ZX-Speccy.... ........so now - full version of my song . . .... :-) ;-) As to festival, I helped festival as the sponsor.

22 Apr. '04 | 1-st place at Marast demo party !

A completely new party was held in the Czech Republic last weekend: on 17th and 18th of April the Marast 2004 demoparty was the place to be. So... 1-st place in freestyle music compo, Second place in tracked music compo. All party releases and official results ---> here!

28 Feb. '04 | 1-st place at Synthesis party ! AgAiN!!!

GooD nEwS : I became the winner (again!) at Synthesis party (20.-22.02.2004, St-Fargeau-Ponthierry, France)! 1-st place in Chip tune compo, Second place in MP3 music compo, and second place in module music compo.

17 Jan. '04 | Little invitation

MaIn nEwS : Prepare! CC'04 is coming!!! Russian Party!
Chaos Constructions 2004 still coming! in St.Peterburg (Russia) in august
W e l l : ) ... download an i n v i t a t i o n song - P o p c o r n. I like this melody all my life :)... so, i wrote it!
Done in BUZZ 15 january 2004

5 Nov. '03 | Function 2003 ! and GIFT :)

Function 2003 ( 24-26.10.2003 in Hungary) was finished. In Tracked Music Compo I was on 6 place. Hurrah comrades:)
Gitar-gift - This gift I have made specially for my friends from DemoScene! :) (done in Buzz 28 september 2003 - 100% softsynthesis)
Pleasant listening:)

25 Sept. '03 | Updates!

And more two works from me:-)))
first work - Movement in wires! (done in BUzZ!) - participated at Cafe party, second - Psycho-tea (done in Ft2) - has sounded
:) at Millenium party
Pleasant listening:)

17 Aug. '03 | System F! - rules forever!

Specially for show at Paradigmus-demoparty my last little amazing remix :-)))
this is a cover of the same named tune by system f. :-) (Also recently it has made Wayfinder) 100% Synthesis!Done in BUzZ!

18 May. '03 | ZX :-)

For everyone, who liked my creativity on ZX-Spectrum, - I have decided to make archive with mine speccy-chip music. Here trial archive. This archive will be updated constantly, and if you have something of my music, please send all to me !

17 May. '03 | uploading:)

I have added on ftp three new products, which participated in Synthesis party and at Breakpoint: Jip.mp3, giftix.xm and looking on evening horizon.xm

25 Apr. '03 | Breakpoint 2003 !

I have taken part at B r e a k p o i n t party(8- 21.04.2003 in Bingen/Germany) My result: 15-th place in Tracked Music compo (I would like to express gratitude AND, that he has helped me to register mó work on this party)

17 Mar. '03 | The first place atSynthesis party !

I became the winner at Synthesis party (14.-16.03.2003, St-Fargeau-Ponthierry, France)! 1-st place in Module compo and second place in Chip tune compo. Also I participated in mp3 and wild compos :-)

12 Mar. '03 | Slash, music artist application for ftp.scene.org

My application for ftp-space at ftp.scene.org has been approved! Now I have
a directory at: ftp.scene.org/pub/music/artists/slash

25 Dec. '02 | Funny mp3 module from Slash !

2 All fr-08'th fans! Iwrote little funny mp3 tone like main theme from Farbraush 64k demo "FR-08" ;-) I think - you like it! :)) All comments send on this way

12 Sep. '02 | New site!
2Day great day! b coz w R started! ;)


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