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So, some info about me and about my creative work:my name is Podolskiy Dennis Viktorovich aka Slash/AtD. I was born in 1977 (September,12) in wonderfull city - Ryazan in Russia. In 1992 I started my activity on Zx-Spectrum platform, I organized “Atomic Destruction Group” (ADG), and started to write music. Approximately in 1994 I began to work on Amiga platform in Pro-tracker. Then in 1995 I went to army. In army I worked on 486Dx in FT2 without active sound system, but with BEEPER!!!!, and wrote my modules. Approximately in 1997 I changed a title of my group to “Atomic Destruction music studio” (AtD). In 1999 I come from the army and start to work in the computer company. Now i have a good computer (i can have anything PC-hardware, and software too – i think) and write my music again. My favorite styles: slash fantasy style, trance, techno and remix. Now in my group there are three persons : I am – Slash (the main organizator, music maker and writer), Dave aka Filyaev Valery (code (not active now)) and Steve Gibson aka Kaplunov Oleg (3d animation, 3d graphic (not active now)).

Artist: Podolskiy Denis Viktorovich
Handle: Slash/AtD
Groups/Affiliations: Atomic Destruction Music Studio
Comments About Self: working as the chief of a department
City: Ryazan
Country: Russian Federation
Contact: slash_atd@mail.ru

ICQ: 171-286-239

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